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Credit Bank cards

Creditcarddumps mean that customers spend their Bank money within the limit that was originally set. Its value is set based on the analysis of the customer's solvency, the amount of their monthly income, and expenses

A nice feature of credit plastic is the grace period, which lasts from 30 to 59 days in most banking organizations. Although you can find longer ones. Throughout the stated period, operations with credit money are interest-free. But if you do not compensate the debt before its completion, you will have to spend 20% to 30% on annual payments

The Bank has the right to change the credit limit taking into account the activity of using the creditcarddumpsites by the client, the timeliness of payments on arrears

Debit Bank cards

Debit carddumps allow spending exclusively of the client's personal finances, which were credited to the card account in advance. Quite often, their salaries are transferred to them, which eliminates the need for self-replenishment. It is worth noting one nuance-technical overdraft

This is the formation of a negative balance in a number of situations. Such unplanned debt also threatens to charge dumpsandpins interest. And quite high